Free Scott Ebanks

We’d like to ask all our friends and supporters from the HC community and beyond, to please take a few minutes to check out this video and/or visit – Please help us get our dear friend home!!  Mistakes were made and unfortunately a young life was lost but there’s so much more to the … Read more


To anyone who’s recently bought HC lives on cd or digipak – we apologize for any delays, we were waiting on a new order and…it’s  here! So sit tight any pending orders will be sent out ASAP! Thank you for supporting MB and BNB, always.

Statement About Athens

Just to clarify because MB has been hearing a lot about this recent Athens show cancellation- Agnostic Front has caught a lot of flack as well. WE DID NOT CANCEL THE SHOW. We all actually lost a lot of money on this show…flights had to be re routed,re booked,etc,etc..keep in mind MB had flights home … Read more